Prudential Vietnam safeguards young vulnerable road users from high-risk provinces in Vietnam

October 2, 2022

QUANG NGAI Province – October 1-2, 2022

In the central part of Vietnam, many primary schools are located on high-density traffic roads, often overflowing with heavy traffic, putting young students at significant risk as they travel to and from school.

Prudential Vietnam is launching the third year of the SAFE STEPS KIDS – Road Safety (SSK-RS) program, organized by AIP Foundation, mitigating the risks students experience every single day by providing students with safe equipment and proper road traffic education. Yen Bai and Quang Ngai are the two provinces chosen to implement the SSK- RS program for 2022-2023 due to the provinces’ high need for road safety interventions.

Working towards safer school commutes in central Vietnam

To mark the launch of the third year of the program, AIP Foundation – in collaboration with the provincial Traffic Safety Committees and Department of Education and Training – hosted an orientation workshop and teacher training in Quang Ngai. Representatives from Prudential Vietnam were warmly welcomed to both orientation workshops and presented an introduction to Prudential Vietnam and the work of the Prudence Foundation.

Major Nguyễn Chí Thanh, of Quang Ngai Traffic police department provided an update on the law and regulations of helmet use when traveling on the roads. Following this, there was an active teaching methodology on traffic safety for primary school students, including how to best use the e-curriculum and the educational materials of the program.

A regional program for road safety: 

The SSK-RS program is part of the SAFE STEPS KIDS program, developed by the Prudence Foundation in partnership with Cartoon Network and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC).

The program aims to equip millions of children across Asia with actionable information designed to save lives in the event of emergencies or disaster situations. To date, the program has been deployed in Asia, in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

This is the third year that SAFE STEPS KIDS– Road Safety has been implemented in Vietnam.

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