Prudential Vietnam pushes for stronger road safety measures for students in local provinces

December 22, 2020

DAK LAK AND BAC GIANG PROVINCE, Vietnam—December 22, 2020

Where helmet-wearing rates are as low as 23%, students in Dak Lak and Bac Giang Province risk their lives, even brain injury, as they travel on Vietnam’s roads. Prudential Vietnam officially launches the SAFE STEPS KIDS – Road Safety (SSK-RS) program, organized by AIP Foundation, mitigate the risks students experiencing every single day by providing students safe equipment and proper road traffic education.

The program will run from 2020 to 2021 in Bac Giang and Dak Lak Provinces with four main components, including: 1) comprehensive road safety education for students, 2) providing high-quality helmets for students, 3) school zone modifications to improve road safety conditions, and 4) implementing communication campaigns to raise public awareness. The SSK-RS program will benefit 2,700 elementary students, more than 100 teachers, 5,400 parents. In addition, an extensive communication campaign will reach out to more than a million people with easy-to-understand educational messages on road safety.

The SSK-RS program is a part of the SAFE STEPS Kids program, developed by the Prudence Foundation, in partnership with Cartoon Network and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC). The program aims to equip millions of children across Asia with actionable information designed to save lives in the event of emergencies or disaster situations. To date, the program has been deployed in a number of countries in Asia, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. This is the first year that SAFE STEPS Kids is implemented in Vietnam.

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