Placing road safety into the hands of the community

July 30, 2020

NANBA, XUANHAN, China — 27-30 July 2020

In rural parts of China, like Nanba Town in Sichuan, China, pedestrians are often exposed to the dangers and risks of the roads, but seldom do they have the opportunity to access education on the safe road behaviors that could very well save their own life and the lives of those around them.

Over the course of four days, community members from Shangxia, Wubao, Chahe, and Nanba were invited to participate in an interactive and hands-on event through the Walk Wise program, supported by Chevron. The event, hosted by AIP Foundation in collaboration with local police in the community, focused on increasing awareness and knowledge on road safety.

The police facilitated education lessons with 500 participants in attendance. Participants, which included parents, grandparents, and young children, were invited to join in the interactive event by partaking in several games that focus on differentiating between safe and unsafe road safety behavior.

Young children were invited to draw road safety images alongside their parents or grandparents, which attendees found to be very impactful to the community. “In a rural area like this, most of us don’t have a chance to be educated on road safety practices. I hope we have more activities like this in the future, ” said one participant. 

The Walk Wise program aims to improve the safety of road users through community education, school-based education, road treatments, and capacity-building measures, and has been implemented in Nanba Town since 2017.

For photos of the four-day community education event, please click here.

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