Phase II of the Pedestrian Safety Project “Walk Wise” Launches in Sichuan and Chongqing Provinces

October 22, 2013

walk wise

On October 16th AIP Foundation China and Chevron launched the second phase of the Walk Wise Project which brings much needed road safety education to children and the community of the Chuandongbei (CDB) Gas Project area in Sichuan and Chongqing Provinces. More than 2,700 students attended the launch event at Hang fen Primary School No. 4 in Kai County, Chongqinq along with teachers, principals, parents and government officials. In addition to the launch event, AIP Foundation hosted a stakeholder meeting and a planning meeting with the education department to gear up for the second phase which integrates road safety education at 18 primary schools in Kai County. The Walk Wise Project was piloted in two primary schools in Kai County in 2012, and includes locally-tailored road safety curricula, teacher and parent trainings, traffic simulation corners on school grounds, and reflective caps and backpack straps for students as they walk to school each day. Phase two increases the scale and scope of phase one activities, and introduces several new components such as a new e-learning curriculum and environmental modification manuals and grants.

View the photos here.

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