Parents safeguard their children’s lives on the road in Thailand through an engaging and interactive road safety training

May 29, 2022

Parents safeguard their children’s lives on the road in Thailand through an engaging and interactive road safety training

BANGKOK, Thailand – May 29, 2022 

Ask any parent around the world, and they will tell you that as a parent, your main priority is to ensure your child is safe from danger and harm. In Bangkok, parents were at the forefront of safeguarding their children’s lives through life-saving road safety training as part of the Safety Delivered program, supported by The UPS Foundation. The half-day training empowers parents to be safer on the road. After 2 years of online training due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it felt great to finally be reunited with the parents at school. 

Putting children’s lives first: 

During the road safety training, parents became the students as they gained knowledge of the global road crash crisis and their responsibilities as adult role models in preventing their children from being unsafe on the streets. The training also allowed them to increase their expertise and skills on general road safety and proper helmet use. Inspired by the training, the parents are now better equipped to safeguard their children from the dangers of the road.

50 parents from the Kehachumchonlatkrabang school rotated between 3 learning stations on ‘children’s helmets’: 

  • Station 1: Gave parents a greater understanding of how necessary a helmet is for their child (protecting the brain, rights of safety) and reduces the idea that a child doesn’t need a helmet. 
  • Station 2: Let parents know how to choose the right helmet for their child and the correct way to wear a helmet. (wearing it wrong is equal to not wearing it) and how to maintain the helmet for a long time.
  • Station 3: Gave parents an example/activity to persuade their child to wear a helmet.

This district in Bangkok has the most accidents as it is located in a factory area. 

UPS Community Engagement for Road Safety: 

UPS volunteers from UPS Thailand led the fun and recreational activities at each station to encourage road safety learning.  The volunteers from UPS led the ‘Driving Safety; 5 Seeing Habits’ training session. We also welcomed special participation from representatives from the Child Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research Center (CSIP) to facilitate learning at each station. 

Parents had to work together with the UPS volunteers and CSIP facilitators, leading to many laughs as they learned how to be safe together. By ensuring that the helmets fit properly, we maximize each child’s protection. This way, when the children receive their helmets as part of the program, we know that our future generations are fully protected from the dangers of the roads. 

More about the Safety Delivered program: 

Safety Delivered is a program implemented by AIP Foundation to work with primary school students and motorcyclists in high-risk areas in India, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam – by educating children and youth on safe driving skills as well as increasing helmet use among children.

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