Parents receive critical education on helmet use in Battambang

February 3, 2020

In Battambang province, thirty parents received free quality helmets, and were training on the importance of correct helmet use for themselves and their children through our Helmets for Families program, sponsored by Manulife Cambodia. During the training, parents were educated on national helmet law in Cambodia, and were encouraged to affirm their commitment to consistent helmet use whenever driving a motorcycle. As the role of caregivers, and with the interest of their children’s wellbeing, parents were highly receptive to the training.

This activity follows Manulife Cambodia’s donation of 1,238 helmets to students, teachers, and mothers at Onlong Vil Primary School in Battambang province in early December 2019.

In the coming months, the Helmets for Families will continue to implement other activities at Onlong Vil Primary School to promote helmet use knowledge, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, General Commiserate of National Police, and National Road Safety Committee.

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