Parent training workshop through Child Car Seat Initiative educates parents on child car safety

September 21, 2019

AIP Foundation collaborated with the Hanoi Traffic Safety Committee (TSC) and the Ha Dong Bureau of Education and Training (BoET), with the support of the FIA Foundation, to host a parent training workshop on child car safety. Over 250 participants attended the workshop, including Mr. Ta Duc Giang, Deputy Chief of Secretariat from Hanoi TSC, Mr. Le Huy Tri, PhD, Associate Professor from the People’s Police Academy, Mr. Bach Ngoc Loi, Deputy Head of Student Affair’s Department of the Ha Dong BoET, Mr. Luu Xuan Binh, Executive Committee Member of Vietnam Traffic Safety Association, Mrs. Dinh Kim Phuong, National Program Manager, AIP Foundation, and representatives of teachers and parents from 37 primary schools in the Ha Dong district.

The workshop covered a number of safety tips for children on car, drawing from material created through the FIA Child Safety Toolkit. The workshop emphasized the proper use and importance of seat belts for children. Parents and other representatives learned about the importance of protecting children on vehicles, including school buses, drawing from one tragic case of a student’s death after being left unsupervised on a school bus. Dr. Tri of the People’s Police Academy explained to the audience how they can ensure that students remain safe and travel safely on school buses, including measures to escape from a school bus in case of emergency.

See more photos of the parent training workshop here.

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