Over twenty program schools reflect on successful Helmets for Kids 2018-2019 program

May 31, 2019

Teachers, government representatives, parents and students come together to learn from this year’s program.

AIP Foundation coordinated with Gia Lai Traffic Safety Committee organized a 2018-2019 school year Helmets For Kids review workshop for nearly 100 people, including Mr. Le Van Hanh, a representative from the Gia Lai Traffic Safety Committee and other representatives from Gia Lai Department of Education and Training, Board of Education and Training, teachers, parents, and students. Helmets For Kids is supported by long-time partner Johnson & Johnson. After three successful years of program implementation in the province, general helmet wearing rates in the province remains high at nearly 95% – marking the overall effectiveness of the program. The Gia Lai Traffic Safety Committee and AIP Foundation presented all 12 program schools with awards for their excellent job protecting their students and school community this year. AIP Foundation also conducted an orientation and teacher training workshop for representatives from three new program schools. Staff from these new schools were introduced to the program, trained on how to use program guideline and shown how to measure children’s heads to choose correct helmet size and fit.

Following the workshops in Gia Lai, a review and orientation workshop was held in Thai Nguyen with more than 60 participants from the Provincial Traffic Safety Committee, Department of Education and Training, school boards, and parents. After one year of implementation at Helmets For Kids schools, the helmet wearing rate of Thai Nguyen has increased from 8% to 93%. During the 2019-2020 school year four new schools will join the program together with four existing schools, increasing the total number of program schools in Thai Nguyen to eight this year. AIP Foundation also held eleven successful reflection workshops in Quang Nam and Yen Bai, marking five and three years of impactful program implementation respectively. In general, the helmet wearing rate in Yen Bai and Quang Nam has remained above 95%. In addition to the review workshop, activities in Quang Nam included a “Traffic Culture for Children” day.

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