Observations in Tanzanian cities show that drivers and men more than three times as likely to wear helmets than passengers and women

June 25, 2013

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In order to better understand their target audience, the Helmet Vaccine Initiative – Tanzania (HVI-T) led efforts to collect data on current helmet-wearing behaviors in three cities.

While the overall helmet wearing rate observed among 32,150 motorcycle drivers and passengers in Tanga, Morogoro, and Dar es Salaam was 53 percent, further breakdown of the data revealed some key patterns: drivers were much more likely than passengers to wear helmets (77 versus 21 percent, respectively), and males were three times more likely than females to wear a helmet (60 versus 20 percent, respectively).

Tanzania Prisons Services will use this data to guide their efforts to identify appropriate helmet designs and to construct a local helmet assembly plant.

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