New pedestrian safety plan in Ho Chi Minh City incorporates key safe school zone priorities

March 8, 2018

Two students cross a busy road on their way to school in Ho Chi Minh City.
Two students cross a busy road on their way to school in Ho Chi Minh City.

The People’s Committee of District 6 issued its new pedestrian safety plan for 2017-2020, which includes key safe school zone priorities advocated for by AIP Foundation’s Walk This Way program. The pedestrian safety plan will target primary and secondary schools located along the planned Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) corridor and feeder roads.

The plan aims to achieve the following objectives in District 6 of Ho Chi Minh City: 100% of the roads that surround schools will be equipped with zebra crossings and sidewalks; 100% of roads that surround schools will not have potholes; 100% of pavements that surround schools will be tiled; and 100% of areas in front of school gates will be equipped with no stopping or parking signs, speed reduction signs, and child warning signs.

The Ho Chi Minh City government’s commitment to safe school zones in District 6 is a huge success for our Walk This Way program, but more remains to be done to ensure road modifications at all 37 schools along the BRT corridor. In May, we will be hosting a workshop with the World Bank and World Resources Institute to coordinate plans for advocating the Ho Chi Minh City government to implement road modifications at the rest of the affected schools in Districts 1 and 5.

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