Nearly half a million people served through Chevron’s Walk Wise road safety program in China

July 21, 2021

CHENGDU, China – July 21, 2021

AIP Foundation celebrates nine-years of partnership with Chevron, investing in vulnerable communities by providing road safety interventions through their signature Walk Wise program. Through targeted education, nearly 160,000 students in two provinces in China benefitted from learning life-saving safety skills as road users. The powerful impact of Walk Wise led to a 26% decrease in reported accidents involving students from the local community.

Walk Wise demonstrated its success early on as it tested, revised, and scaled up the introduction of life-saving road safety curriculum, from its initial two pilot schools in 2012 to 102 schools by 2019. The curriculum was developed from the ground up, with cooperation from local teachers, insightful input from the community and field expertise to address the immediate needs of children, parents, and school staff. The program also promoted safer journeys for children and community members through 1,194 road infrastructure modifications, which increased proper crosswalk usage from 43% to 80%.

“With the support of Chevron, our program ensures that even the youngest road users become positive role models at school and home,” shared Mr. Greig Craft, Founder and President of AIP Foundation.

To ensure sustainable change for the future safety of communities, Walk Wise has combined the influence of comprehensive road safety education, impactful investments in infrastructure, public awareness campaigns, and empowerment of its local partners, to change the perceptions and attitudes of communities.

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