Making road safety efforts sustainable in Thailand

April 3, 2021

SONGKHLA PROVINCE, Thailand—April 3, 2021


After five years of supporting low-income families through the Chevron Street Wise (CSW) program, AIP Foundation and Chevron organized a workshop to assess the Program’s impact and sustainability efforts as they prepare for the next phase.


Chevron, AIP Foundation, Thai government officials, local official facilitators including government health organizations, and school administrators spent the morning reviewing the CSW program including achievements, challenges and how to overcome them and amplify their efforts.


“One way that guarantees sustainability of the Chevron Street Wise program is by integrating these activities into the school’s annual budget plan, that way each child is gaining access to important knowledge and skills to keep them safe,” Mrs. Untika Inkaew, Master Teacher under the CSW program said.


The Chevron Street Wise program targeted 11 primary schools to implement road safety activities and distribute safety equipment. Majority of students come from low-income families where a survey reported that many parents were in favor of wearing a helmet, but could not financially do so. Since the program’s implementation, nearly 9,000 members of the community received defensive road user skills including students, parents, and teachers.


Mr. Nattawut Chainarong, Shorebase Manager, Chevron shared, “Over the past five years since pioneering the CSW program, the result of changes in road usage behavior of Songkhla people especially, the rate of helmet wearing of children and their parents have increased in all participating schools. In addition, many schools have integrated the program education component into the course curriculum such as traffic management in front of the school, school radios, road safety corners, and other activities outside of the classroom. These achievements arose from the dedication and cooperation of all partners in Songkhla Province.’’


In closing the workshop, participant held a brainstorming session to discuss activities for the next phase of the program, which included discussions around piloting a “road safety week.”


Chevron Street Wise incorporates road safety education, extracurricular activities, parental and community activities, capacity-building events into a targeted approach to improve pedestrian and helmet skills of road users.


To view more photos from the event, please click here.

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