Making a difference in Thailand with UPS

March 15, 2021

BANGKOK, Thailand—March 15, 2021

Wearing a helmet can significantly reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities, but can be difficult to achieve for families in low-income areas where expenses are high, but employment is low. Through the Safety Delivered program, supported by The UPS Foundation, more than 2,500 helmets will go to students at six schools in Bangkok, Thailand where excessive speed limits put them at risk every day on their commute to and from school.

Road crashes still remain the leading cause of death for children and young adults; this is especially true for students in Bangkok who struggle to arrive to and from school safely. In order to support students and their families, The UPS Foundation partnered with AIP Foundation to target areas where helmet-wearing rate is low, but traffic density surrounding schools is high.

“Traffic crashes take dreams away from children faster than any other cause of death. With the long-standing support of The UPS Foundation, we’ve been able to address road safety from a holistic approach to give the next generation a chance to turn their dreams into reality,” Mrs. Sumalee Pratoomnun, Senior Project Office of AIP Foundation.

The UPS Foundation has been supporting students and families through the AIP Foundation’s Safety Delivered program by raising awareness, improving driving behaviors through educational and skill-building events, and increasing child helmet use.

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