Leading road safety charity responds to students affected by Vietnam’s flooding crisis

November 6, 2020

QUANG BINH PROVINCE, Vietnam—November 6, 2020


Mrs. Hoang Thi Na Huong, AIP Foundation’s Deputy CEO, and Mrs. Tran Mai Anh, AIP Foundation’s Board of Directors responded to the ongoing flood crisis that has devastated Central Vietnam by raising 160 million VND along with textbooks, school supplies, warm clothes, face masks, and various hygienic items.


In late October, e-newspaper Soha.vn called for the publics help in donations to support students impacted by the ongoing flooding in Central Vietnam. Together with Dai Nam University, who contributed 400 million VND, and other philanthropists, the charity program hosted by Soha.vn resulted in a donation of nearly 700 million VND (over $30,000 USD) and many other in-kind contributions.


In early November, Mrs. Hoang Thi Na Huong and Mrs. Tran Mai Anh, members of AIP Foundation’s Board of Directors and also representatives of Thien Nhan and Friends, went to Le Thuy District, Quang Binh Province with Soha.vn and Dai Nam University to give 2263 sets of textbooks to 2263 students of 11 local primary schools. Other in-kind donations, including over 2000 warm coats, were also provided to the students.


Fortunately, thanks to the urgent, collective actions of the community, thousands of students in the flooded areas have enough textbooks, notebooks and school supplies to go to school after the floods. Mr. Nguyen Van Vung, Head of Education and Training Department of Le Thuy District commented, “The book-giving activity is highly timely and meaningful to both Le Thuy District Education and Training and students in the flooded areas.”


Both Mrs. Hoang and Mrs. Tran came together, in response to the crisis, as representatives of Thien Nhan and Friends, an organization committed to genital reconstruction surgeries for poor Vietnamese children suffering from severe genital birth defects or loss of genitals from trauma. AIP Foundation Founder and President Mr. Greig Craft to independently establish the Thien Nhan & Friends program, with the support of AIP Foundation Deputy CEO Ms. Hoang Na Huong, and Board Member Ms. Tran Mai Anh. For Mr. Greig Craft, the program aligns closely with AIP Foundation’s mission, with both ventures aiming to address unnecessary suffering and reduce injuries and fatalities among vulnerable populations in low- and middle-income countries.


To view photos from the event, please click here.

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