Leading helmet companies come together as the Vietnam Helmet Manufacturers Association

August 1, 2013

From left: Vincent Su, Sales Manager for Long Huei Vietnam; Hoang Thi Na Huong, Deputy General Director of Protec Tropical Helmets; Greig Craft, Founder and President of AIP Foundation; and Xavier Mateu, Sales Manager for MAT Group

The steering committee of the Vietnam Helmet Manufacturers Association (VHMA), led by the Asia Injury Prevention (AIP) Foundation, will hold its first meeting on Wednesday, July 31 in Hanoi.

VHMA’s founding organizers, including AIP Foundation, Long Huei Vietnam Co., Ltd, HJC Helmets, Protec Vietnam, and MAT Group, aim to enhance the industry’s collaboration with Vietnamese authorities and to improve helmet wearing compliance, standards, and quality nationwide.

Wearing a helmet in a crash is proven to reduce the risk of serious injury by 69 percent and death by 42 percent, yet a recent study by the World Health Organization found that more than 80 percent of helmets on Vietnam’s roads are below standard. In Vietnam, where 22,000 lives are lost each year to road traffic crashes, improving helmet quality can safe countless lives.

VHMA invited government bodies, such as the Traffic Police, the National Traffic Safety Committee, and QUATEST, as well as other helmet manufacturers to participate in the association.

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