Leadership workshop targets trade unions to advocate for factory workers’ safety

July 28, 2020

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia – 28 July 2020


The USAID Labor Rights in Cambodia (LRIC) project, implemented by Solidarity Center, is supporting a series of leadership workshops for 80 trade union representatives to promote more equitable factory working conditions, including safer commutes for employees. Solidarity Center’s partner, the AIP Foundation, conducted the first workshop today, articulating a vision of safety policies to protect factory workers on the roads as part of the Commuting Safety for Cambodian Workers program. This includes driver training, access to life-saving helmets for workers who commute via motorcycle, free motorcycle safety training for all workers, a transition from trucks to passenger vehicles, and the adoption of road safety policies implemented factory-wide.  The workshop generated discussions among union leaders, who planned actions to support these outcomes.

“Addressing the rights and safety of workers is not a one-solution approach. It relies on the commitment and collaboration of safety leaders, industry stakeholders, and trade unions and partners, as well as tangible changes, like the provision of safe transport, high-quality helmets, and educational workshops that can improve the lives of workers,” said William Conklin, Solidarity Center Cambodia Country Director.

Read more about the event in the Press Release here.

For photos of the leadership workshop, please click here.

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