British Embassy in Hanoi hosts “Know Safety, No Accidents” Event 

September 20, 2019

Hanoi, Vietnam 

The British Embassy in Hanoi hosted an intimate discussion on motorbike safety in Vietnam for local Vietnamese residents and British nationals. The event provided participants with the opportunity to receive helmet safety checks, network with British motorbike tour leaders, and meet the Consular Team in Hanoi at The Kneipe in Tay Ho District, Hanoi.

Speakers included experts from Family Medical Practice, L’Hôpital Français de Hanoi, Bach Mai Hospital, Onyabike Adventures, and AIP Foundation. The session was a casual, but informative networking opportunity, and covered a wide range of topics pertaining to road safety in Vietnam, from understanding current traffic safety measures to receiving proper medical care in the event of a crash.

AIP Foundation was invited to speak about our mission to deliver life-saving interventions, discuss the global traffic crisis, and provide information on how to travel safely in Vietnam by motorcycle. Our partner, Protec, a social enterprise dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality motorcycle helmets, then led a session on evaluating helmet criteria and demonstrated to audience members how to properly choose safe, quality helmets.

As part of the event, participants further pledged to make motorbike riding safety a priority and to encourage others to do the same.


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