Kampala City Council Authority jumpstarts boda boda operator registration

October 11, 2013

kcc uhvi

On October 10th the Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) officially jumpstarted the registration of all boda boda (motorcycle taxi) operators in Kampala. Boda boda operators and passengers remain among the most vulnerable road users in Uganda, and the new registration process represents an important step forward in government regulation of motorcycle safety. The registration will help the government enforce the helmet law and better organize road safety trainings and support services for the boda boda operators. The Uganda Helmet Vaccine Initiative is actively supporting this initiative by providing a free helmet and a road safety workshop to the first 400 boda boda operators who register from each the five districts of Kampala (2,000 boda boda operators total), as part of UHVI’s 2013-2014 “Obulamu Bwe Obugagga – Wear a Helmet!” campaign.

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