Johnson & Johnson safeguards vulnerable students on their way to and from school every day

November 16, 2021

TUYEN QUANG, Vietnam – November 16, 2021

No student should be forced to risk their life on their way to and from school. In Tuyen Quang province, many students are at high-risk, traveling to school on busy roads with heavy traffic. These risks are preventable. AIP Foundation, with support from Johnson & Johnson, is expanding the signature Helmet for Kids program. The expansion was launched with an orientation workshop and teacher training co-hosted by our Government partners in the province.

The opening speech was delivered by Mr Nguyễn Ngọc Hiến, representative of Tuyen Quang Department of Education and Training. His speech highlighted the strong commitment of the local government to safeguard vulnerable children in the province. Following his speech, AIP Foundation presented on the project orientation, helmet standards, and proper helmet wearing, as well as an in-depth introduction into the project. The aim of the project is to increase the rate of children properly wearing quality helmets, which helps to reduce the severity of head injuries. This provides a life-saving difference for vulnerable students on busy roads.

65 dedicated teachers from 13 project schools in the region gathered for the orientation workshop and training. The workshop was targeting teachers of the schools that newly joined the project for this school year 2021-2022, in addition to being a refresher training for the schools that joined the project during the previous school year. The purpose of the training was also to introduce innovative teaching methods related to road safety, especially on helmet safety. The teachers were introduced to educational materials on helmet safety that will be distributed in the project schools.

Since 2012, AIP Foundation and Johnson & Johnson have partnered together to promote child helmet use and deliver student road safety education at schools in target provinces throughout Vietnam through the Helmets for Kids program. From 2020-2021, AIP Foundation will continue to implement the Helmets for Kids program to work with vulnerable students from the project schools and communities.

To read more about the Helmets for Kids program and our partnership with Johnson & Johnson, please click here.

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