Industrial zone residents attend road safety event sponsored by Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical

September 12, 2015

President of the Mai Lam Commune makes opening remarks to start the night

A “Movie and Road Safety Night,” held by Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical, LLC (NSRP), was organized for citizens of the Mai Lam Commune. The event aimed to educate people about road safety through a documentary screening of dangerous crash areas around the NSRP plant in order to raise awareness about the immediate risks and for residents to exercise caution when navigating these areas.

With assistance of AIP Foundation, the documentary film was made by local community members who were trained to identify high-risk areas –“hot spots”—in their respective communes. The footage featured risks specific to the hot spots identified including examples of the most common unsafe driver behaviors in those areas and highlighted inadequacies in infrastructure and safety measures.  During the screening, a facilitator mediated a discussion around the video screening. The event attended by 600 participants also included performances, dances, comedies, and games to raise further awareness.

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