In Hanoi, Traffic Safety Committee Explains Road Laws and Culture

March 1, 2012


In support of 2012 being the official Year of Traffic Safety in Vietnam, the Hanoi Traffic Safety Committee is collaborating with AIP Foundation to explain road safety laws and culture to Hanoians. To accomplish this task, Hanoi TSC and AIP Foundation are holding an educational event at Dich Vong B Primary School in Hanoi. In attendance, 1531 students, 58 teachers, and 26 parent representatives came from Dich Vong B, Mai Dich, and Nguyen Kha Trac primary schools.

The event included a review of road traffic laws, and correct pedestrian behaviors were explained. The Vietnamese traffic culture was discussed, making it clear how accidents occur and how they can be avoided. Correct helmet use, for example, was a key demonstration.

A skit put on by students made the information more relatable for young children, who also played games and received gifts for correctly answering questions about helmets. A photo exhibit on the theme of traffic safety provided visual cues for the attendees, and flyers summarizing key information went home to hundreds of families that evening.

Through such partnerships, Hanoi TSC and AIP Foundation hope to raise awareness of road safety throughout 2012, and effectively change people’s behaviors. They hope to see a drastic drop in injury and death rates by the end of the year.

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