Helmets for Kids year end site visits and workshop held in Dong Nai

December 10, 2013

11305127736_1f20e31c9b_bOn December 5th, AIP Foundation organized an end-of-year review workshop with support from the Department of Education and Training and the Traffic Safety Committee in Dong Nai to review activities at five Helmets for Kids project schools sponsored by Johnson & Johnson. Project coordinators also visited schools to conduct student and parent interviews and focus groups in order to improve next year’s program.

This year, AIP Foundation and Johnson and Johnson donated a total of 3,568 helmets to students and teachers of five primary schools in Dong Nai. Through this program, 131 teachers received training on how to educate students and parents about the importance of helmet use and safe road behaviors. Throughout 2013, 5,734 primary school students received road safety and helmet use education through extracurricular activities and contests. Helmet use rates across the five target schools increased from 31 to 96 percent.

Check out the photos here.

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