Helmets for Kids sponsored by the Rotary Club of Bangkok South organizes non-class activities for two preschools in Thailand

November 14, 2013


On November 13, AIP Foundation conducted non-class activities at two preschools in Pattana and Bor 3 Thailand. These activities were organized as part of the Helmets for Kids program which donated 175 helmets to students of the two schools in March of 2013 and was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Bangkok South.

These schools were selected due to their proximity to busy highways and scarcity of community resources. The activities included general road safety training, the importance of proper helmet use, and road safety games. These activities were the last to be organized through the year-long Helmets for Kids program at these two schools, from now on teachers and school administrators will be responsible for maintaining high helmet use rates and reinforcing road safety lessons.

​Check out the photos.

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