Helmets for Families reaches out to 500 community members to promote public road safety awareness

July 18, 2019

AIP Foundation and Manulife Cambodia reached out to 500 hundred local community members near Hun Sen Krong Primary School to promote proper helmet use and safe driving behavior through the Helmets for Families program. Manulife Cambodia volunteers distributed educational materials to community members and strategically placed posters in high-traffic areas to encourage helmet use among local residents. 

Manulife Cambodia has supported the Helmet for Families program in Cambodia since 2012. The program targets communities and schools facing dangerous traffic environments and poor road conditions. In Veal Vong Primary School, another target school in Cambodia, Helmet for Families programming increased student knowledge of proper helmet use from 4% to 78% over the 2017-2018 school year. Through continued community outreach efforts and programmatic activities, Helmet for Families will renew its efforts over the 2018-2019 school year to reduce the vulnerability of children on the roads during their commutes to and from school. 

View more photos from the community outreach here.

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