Heads Up! FIA Community workshop encourages everyone to raise their voice for safe and affordable mobility

June 10, 2022

HANOI, Vietnam – June 10, 2022 


Mobility has a different definition for every person around the world. Some of us take cars and motorbikes to work and school. Others can walk or ride their bicycle. No matter how we move, mobility is at the heart of our society.

We all have a stake in how mobility works. This means that it is up to us to ensure that everyone can access safe and affordable modes of transportation. In that spirit, the FIA Foundation and FIA Region II (Asia Pacific), AIP Foundation, and AA Vietnam are hosting a workshop on stakeholders’ engagement and advocacy in road safety. 


Engaging with our communities 

The workshop aims to share information, knowledge, and tools on the critical importance of stakeholders’ engagement and advocacy work in road safety across the Asia Pacific region. Leading experts in their field will present their experiences across Australia, India, and Vietnam. Sharing and exchanging about different case studies also aims to strengthen a knowledge-sharing network among FIA Region II clubs in road safety.

We are delighted to welcome the special participation of the Senior Manager of Community Engagement of the Royal Automobile Association of South Australia, Ben Haythorpe, to share his experiences on the important aspects that motoring clubs must take into account when designing new road safety programs. His five tips for motoring clubs when designing road safety education programs: start young and then keep going, find partners and share ideas, create memories, make it easy to access, share knowledge and teach skills.


Raise your voice!

Heads Up! empowers youth across our region to tackle the global road crash crisis by creating a road safety video, raising awareness of the importance of quality helmet use.

The program will now expand its video competition from covering four countries, Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam to six more countries in the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, Bangladesh, Chinese – Taipei, India, Indonesia, and Singapore.


The video competition is open until 31st July for all university and college students.

– Submission of entries should be made via email to giang.trinh@aipf-vietnam.org and phuong.luu@aipf-vietnam.org with the participant’s name and list of team members (if applying as a group), and school/university name.

– Enter the regional video competition today to win incredible prizes, including 1000 USD for first place and the opportunity to receive technical support to develop a professional video with a global launch!

Use your phone or use your camera – the power is in YOUR hands!   


Useful links for further information:

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