Head First Report featured in FIA Foundation’s 2018 annual report

December 17, 2018

FIA Foundation’s 2018 Annual Report

FIA Foundation’s 2018 Annual Report just launched, detailing all of the work FIA Foundation is doing towards engaging young people to tackle the road safety crisis, negotiating political roadblocks to safety reforms, creating a child health coalition, and many other successful projects.

The joint report written by FIA Foundation and AIP Foundation, HEAD FIRST: A case study on Vietnam’s motorcycle helmet campaign, was featured in FIA Foundation’s 2018 annual report. The report, which was published in December 2017, explains the case study of a twenty year campaign to increase motorcycle helmet use in Vietnam. It identifies the challenges faced by road safety campaigners, as well as the necessary advocacy, education, enforcement measures implemented. It then looks at the impact of the universal helmet law in Vietnam 10 years later.

Please read FIA Foundation’s 2018 Annual Report here

Please read the Head First Report here

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