Ha Tinh primary schools receive 10,000 helmets through Helmets for Kids sponsored by Johnson & Johnson

December 1, 2013

8670541025_094bc750c6_bOn November 30, the Asia Injury Prevention (AIP) Foundation and Johnson & Johnson collaborated with Ha Tinh Traffic Safety Committee and Ha Tinh Department of Education & Training to organize the closing ceremony for the 2013 Helmet for Kids project.

Up to now, 14 primary schools in Ha Tinh Province have received more than 10,000 free helmets from Johnson & Johnson and AIP Foundation. AIP Foundation also trained students on basic traffic safety skills through training sessions and extra-curricular activities.

The project targeted schools located on dangerous roads with high student accident rates and promoted road safety awareness among all students. According to government statistics, from 2012 to present no road accidents occurred among students of the project schools.

The schools not only cooperated with Johnson & Johnson and AIP Foundation to conduct the helmet distribution, training, and extra-curricular activities components of the Helmet for Kids project, they also collaborated with the local government, local unions, and the police department to organize traffic safety rules knowledge contests, traffic safety-themed performances, and additional traffic safety discussions for students.

The year, the helmet wearing rate among students at all the project schools rose above 90 percent. In 2014, the project will continue at all 14 schools and expand to other primary schools in Ha Tinh province.

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