Ford x AIP Foundation celebrates 15 years of partnership to uniquely achieve safer mobility across Vietnam

April 28, 2023

Hanoi, Vietnam – April 28th, 2023

AIP Foundation and Ford Vietnam are proud to celebrate 15 successful years of bringing safe mobility to road users all across Vietnam. Following the previous successes of the program, in this 15th year of implementation, Ford Vietnam is kicking off a different version of Driving Skills for Life, the aptly named 4×4 Ford Driving Skills for Life, which focus on off-road driving skills. The new training began in February in Hanoi, which saw 460 trainees being trained throughout February and March. In Ho Chi Minh City, during April, 250 trainees received training. This is the first time off-road driving skills are taught, combining theory and practice from general to specific.

Promoting road safety for all across Vietnam:

Across Vietnam, driving conditions and terrains can change in a flash of a minute. Tropical weather that changes from month to month affects road infrastructure resulting in vastly different roads and terrains. Ford Driving Skills for Life falls beyond normal test drives as it aims at sharing safety driving knowledge with a wide range of participants, from office workers, driver groups, and students to professional instructors. The ultimate goal is to help each individual to get safer on the way, thus contributing to a safer and more civilized traffic environment. The key to a safe journey; however, lies in drivers’ careful preparation and wide knowledge of their vehicles

4×4 Ford Driving Skills For Life is a program providing drivers with the real concept of off-road and what it is actually for, to safely drive a car to its final destination with minimum damage at rugged terrains. Overall, the program aims to provide trainees with the necessary knowledge and skills to master their vehicles on different terrains. Lessons are structured from general (primary terrain principles) to specific (characteristics and skills of driving different types of terrain), including both theory and practice. Through real experiences in common off-road driving situations, such as going up or down steep hills, sloping cliffs, deviated holes, mud, and deep trenches, participants have a clear mind of safety limits.

A partnership for safer roads:

Mr. Greig Craft – AIP Foundation Founder and President, who is also a strategic partner of Ford Driving Skills for Life over the last 15 years shared, “The model of tripartite cooperation between State agencies, enterprises, and NGOs is a sustainable model, bringing practical benefits to society. Enterprises have resources; NGOs have practical processes and experiences, while State management agencies direct and supervise.”

Over the last 15 years, Ford Vietnam has continuously leveraged Ford Driving Skills for Life’s training program to meet traffic characteristics and drivers’ rising needs, such as driving on hills, in rainy weather, on flooded roadways, or in mixed traffic conditions. The program has so far trained more than 16,500 drivers nationwide, with online lectures recording millions of views in Vietnam. The 4×4 Ford Driving Skills for Life program aims to share knowledge with more than 1000 trainees across the country.

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