Focus groups gather university student opinions on new educational website

August 1, 2013

focus groups

On July 30, AIP Foundation conducted a focus group discussion with students from four universities in Cambodia to gauge the youth attitude towards the new Safe Roads Cambodia website. Students shared their diverse perspectives and suggested revisions to the site. Many student comments focused on headers, navigation, social media, and publicity.

The new site will take advantage of the ubiquity of information technology in everyday life to provide a broad audience with important road safety facts. This information is supplemented by interactive elements such as monthly quizzes and online games. Accounts from survivors and messages from parents put a human face on the statistics, while encouraging users to join the conversation by submitting their own stories. The website has social media integration, and will feature regular petitions, contests and giveaways to maintain interest and encourage participation.

In late August 2013, AIP Foundation will hold at least two more student focus groups with this age group. These meetings will be followed by similar consultation with NGOs and other stakeholders in early September. The website launch is planned for September 20, 2013.

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