First-generation of the Bridgestone Youth Road Safety Champions successfully graduate!

March 13, 2022

BANGKOK, Thailand – March 13, 2022

As part of the Youth Road Safety Champions program supported by Bridgestone Thailand, we are delighted to celebrate the first generation of students to complete the leadership training program! The aim of the program is to improve the road safety skills and knowledge of young students between 13-15 years old. The program is inherently aligned with the Global Plan and Thailand’s National road safety plan.

Road Safety and Leadership Workshop

Throughout the Road Safety and Leadership training workshop, students learned how to identify dangers and assess the likelihood and severity of a hazard on the road, increase their knowledge on how to assess the risks and control the risk and to understand and avoid hazardous attitudes.

As a result of the training, they are now familiar with the tools and knowledge to raise their voice and take a stand against the global road safety crisis. At least 80% of the participants have shown increased knowledge of road safety and at least 90% of Youth Road Safety Champions who participated in the workshop have demonstrated improved self-confidence and other related performances to lead Road Safety activities at schools and communities. The students are equipped to be safer and smarter road users, a next-generation ready to empower their community.

Kyitar*, one of our proud Bridgestone Road Safety Youth Champions graduates, happily shared, “I am a Grade 10 student who is studying at Nakhonsawan School (Nakhonsawan Province, Central Region of Thailand). I was selected to be a Youth Leader for Bridgestone Global Road Safety Project of 2021 and I am very happy to take this role as a Youth Road Safety Leader to raise awareness in my school and expand to the communities nearby. I am grateful for this opportunity to save people’s lives in my country.”

Awards and certificates honoring the graduates

To celebrate and recognize their hard work, honor awards, and certificates were distributed to the first generation of Bridgestone’s Youth Champions for Road Safety graduates. The graduates include eight selected youth leaders and four teacher advisors from four target schools during Phase I in 2021.

Mr.Wittaya Chansena Representative DDPM Thailand, Mr.Thanarak Kanchanakhunthakul Sustainability & Cooperate Social Responsibilities Manager Thai Bridgestone Co.Ltd, and Mrs. Ratanawadee Winther, Chairperson AIP Foundation Thailand, were in attendance at the workshop to hand out the certificates honoring the students and their commitment to creating safe roads for life.

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