FIA Community workshop puts young voices at the heart of solving the global road safety crisis

April 8, 2022

HANOI, Vietnam – April 8, 2022 

Back in November 2021, at the inaugural AIP Foundation webinar on Star Ratings for Schools and road safety, Rob McInerney, CEO of the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) impactfully stated,  “nothing is more important than saving our children’s lives. Together we can do it.”

These words resonate deeply with us as we work towards safeguarding children and youth at risk on the world’s roads. To prevent further senseless fatalities,  in cooperation with the FIA Foundation and FIA Region II (Asia Pacific), AIP Foundation and AA Vietnam are hosting a workshop on youth engagement in road safety. 

Putting youth voices first  

The objectives of the workshop are to share information, knowledge, and tools on the critical importance of engaging youth in road safety across the Asia Pacific region. It will further serve as a platform to discuss and disseminate innovations and good practices around youth engagement in road safety at local, regional, and global levels.

Putting young voices first, we are proud to host Maolin Macatangay, Communications Manager at Youth for Road Safety (YOURS). Maolin will be sharing her personal experience as a young road user and presenting on how youth themselves must be a part of the solution to this public health crisis.

Maolin shared, “YOURS – Youth for Road Safety continuously works to create a world where young people do not die on the world’s roads. The best way to do this is to meaningfully engage and involve young people in all stages of project management and decision-making. We believe that young people have the abilities, commitment, and passion to energize the road safety movement across the world. It’s time we see young people not just as victims of road crashes but as assets who can help end the senseless loss of lives on the roads.”

Representing the youth on the roads in Vietnam, Trinh Thu Ha, Deputy Chief of the National Traffic Safety Committee Office will be sharing her insight into how we can engage youth in road safety through practical lessons learned on the ground across the country. 

“We cannot hope to solve this road safety crisis without meaningful participation from youth around the world. It’s their walk, their street, their future. At this workshop, we have a chance to listen to their needs and solutions. We can, must, and will listen today,” shared Saul Billingsley, Executive Director at the FIA Foundation. 

Let’s take action!
Heads Up! empowers youth across our region to tackle the global road crash crisis by creating a road safety video, raising awareness of the importance of quality helmet use. The video competition is open until March 31st for all university students in Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Submission of entries should be made via email to and with the participant’s name, list of team members (if applying as a group), and school/university name. 

Use your phone or use your camera – the power is in your hands!

Useful links:

To enter the Heads Up! Regional video competition, please click here.

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To read more about Youth for Road Safety, please click here. 

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