Expansion of regional Heads Up! video competition empowers youth to tackle the global road safety crisis in 10 countries in the Asia Pacific region

May 10, 2022

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – May 10, 2022

Empowering youth across Asia-Pacific

To empower our next generation, the first step is to listen to their concerns and ideas. Youth engagement is critical to solving the road safety crisis. In that spirit, we are delighted to announce the regional expansion of the Heads Up! video competition, organized by AIP Foundation and AA Vietnam, with support from The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) Road Safety Grant Programme, FIA Region II, and FIA Foundation. This activity is under the Heads Up! program that puts the voice of young people at the heart of improving road safety.

Regional expansion to protect young lives
Following two exciting and engaging workshops on ECE 22 revolutionary, safe, and affordable helmets, meeting United Nations safety standards, and how we can best engage youth in road safety, the program will now expand its video competition from covering four countries, Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam to six more countries in the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, Bangladesh, Chinese – Taipei, India, Indonesia & Singapore. This expansion creates further opportunities for students in our region to be able to participate in the competition and share their ideas on how to raise the awareness around quality helmet use among their families, peers, and general road users.

Raise your voice!
Heads Up! empowers youth across our region to tackle the global road crash crisis by creating a road safety video, raising awareness of the importance of quality helmet use. The video competition is open until 31st July for all university and college students.

– Submission of entries should be made via email to giang.trinh@aipf-vietnam.org and phuong.luu@aipf-vietnam.org with the participant’s name, and list of team members (if applying as a group), and school/university name.

– Enter the regional video competition today to win incredible prizes, including 1000 USD for first place and the opportunity to receive technical support to develop a professional video with a global launch!

Use your phone or use your camera – the power is in YOUR hands!

Useful links for further information:

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– To read more about the workshop on youth engagement in road safety, please click here.

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