Exciting signs of sustainability for AIP Foundation’s Walk Wise program

June 26, 2014

chinaStudents of Kai County often walk to school in dark and foggy conditions. As part of AIP Foundation’s Walk Wise project, students were given bright yellow caps to make them more visible to drivers. The caps are also a daily reminder of the road safety messages they have been taught in class.

Hangfeng No 1 Primary School, one of the three randomly selected evaluation schools has been particularly committed to ensuring that students wear their caps. The success of the caps has extended to local businesses who have begun to sell their own bright yellow caps – complete with road safety messages. Community members and students who have lost or damaged their caps can buy new caps at shops just outside the school. When the evaluation team asked about the caps, shop owners explained how they contribute to road safety, and confirmed they’re a popular item.

This is an exciting sign that the Walk Wise project is noticed and understood in the local community, and that the project has sustained its messages.

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