Empowering youth in Thailand: Opening of the first Road Safety Center for immersive learning for secondary students

June 13, 2022

SONGKHLA, Thailand – June 13, 2022


To achieve the target Sustainable Development Goal 3.6 to halve the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents, Chevron Street Wise program will celebrate the launch of the first Road Safety Learning Center for secondary students in Thailand, at the Woranari Chaloem secondary school.

The Chevron Street Wise program is inherently aligned with the Global Plan as part of the Second Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021 – 2030 and Thailand’s National Road Safety plan. At the core of this program, all activities engage our youth to be a part of the solution to empower safer road users. Because safe mobility and easy commuting to school are at the heart of access to education. 


The Woranari Chaloem school, a new project school of the program, is located in a city with dense traffic. This unsafe environment highly impacts the commuting of vulnerable road users, including school children and pedestrians. Students come to schools by different means – 20% have their own motorcycles, 30% walk to school, 50% use public transport – and we have to protect them all by engaging them more.

Mrs.Pornsuree Konanta, Corporate Affairs Manager at Chevron, shared “Youth empowerment and engagement should always be at the heart of initiatives to improve global road safety. Young people are effective advocates for road safety among their peers when they have access to engaging and interactive programs and resources. Thus, giving them interactive tools to learn independently and speak up about road safety is of utmost importance’.


The Road Safety Learning Centers are designed as an interactive road safety teaching area, to raise road safety awareness among the secondary students at the school. Students will be able to explore hands-on different road safety topics such as ‘how to be safe on the road’ at the newly installed Chevron Street Wise Road Safety Learning Center.

This first Road Safety Learning Center at Woranari Chaloem secondary school will be managed by the students themselves, under the responsibility of the Student Council. The students will use the Road Safety Learning Center as a common area, where they can enjoy participative activities, experiment road simulations, and test their road safety knowledge together.


Miss Fah*, Grade 11 student and Student Council President, shared “The established Road Safety Learning Center is very interesting and helpful. Because it is realistic with various lights, bright colors, attractive, and suitable for setting up in school. This year we have a Student Council of 30 members, who are sharing the responsibility of overseeing the Center. We will also rotate to educate children and students who are interested in road safety information.”


*Pseudonym has been used in accordance with AIP Foundation’s Child Protection Policy & Code of Conduct and upholding article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights of The Child


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