Empowering teachers to safeguard our next generation in Vietnam through proper helmet wearing

October 21, 2021

Hanoi, Vietnam – October 21, 2021

Whenever you ride your bicycle or your motorbike, you cannot forget your helmet! However, a helmet itself is not sufficient to provide full protection. It is of paramount importance that the helmet also fits the wearer properly. In Vietnam, teachers were at the forefront of safeguarding their students’ lives by attending a helmet measurement training online as part of the Safety Delivered program, supported by The UPS Foundation. AIP Foundation welcomed 99 teachers from Thai Nguyen Province and 139 teachers from Ho Chi Minh City to the helmet measurement training.

The training provided an opportunity for the teachers to increase their expertise and skills on proper helmet use, learning various head sizes measurement methods. The measuring methods are designed with easy-to-find tools. Some households may even have this equipment already available. This means that teachers benefit from hands-on experience as they practice measuring their head sizes along with us. Inspired by the training, the teachers will promote road safety to their students by imparting the life-saving helmet measurement techniques they learned. After the training, the teachers felt better equipped to safeguard every student from the dangers of the road.

Safety Delivered is a program implemented by AIP Foundation to work with primary school students and motorcyclists in high-risk areas in India, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam by educating and eliminating distracted riding behavior, as well as increasing helmet use among children. During the next two years, the Safety Delivered program will distribute 4,900 helmets to students and teachers from ten program schools in Ho Chi Minh and Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam.

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