Empowering teachers to educate the next generation of road users in Thailand

March 12, 2021

PHRA PRADAENG DISTRICT, Thailand—March 12, 2021

AIP Foundation in Thailand conducted the first workshop of VIA Program, which derive from the Global Road Safety Education (VIA-GRSE) by training 15 teachers in Phra Pradaeng District. The representatives from Michelin and from Total were participating. VIA Program, supported by Michelin Corporate Foundation and Total Foundation through Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP), will encourage Thai teachers through a series of training sessions to impart road safety knowledge and skills to students ages ranging from 10 – 18 at our five target schools.

The VIA-GRSE program was built on internationally recognized child road safety education best practices, which drew from the experience of road safety practitioners from a breadth of industries and from the knowledge of the global GRSP Expert Team. The Program was developed to be easily integrated and adapted into current road safety initiatives.

“We are implementing the first phase of VIA in Thailand collaborating closely with Michelin, Total and the GRSP also with strong support from education authorities, school management and teachers in the target province. Everyone involved in implementing VIA is enthusiastic about it. We hope to use skills and lessons learned from this phase to effectively expand to many more schools in the next school semester – particularly, to illustrate that VIA can easily be incorporated in class programs with full pedagogical values,” Mrs. Ratana Winther, Chairperson of AIP Foundation Thailand and AIP Foundation Denmark shared.

With proven success in France, Cameroon, and India, VIA Program will surely enhance the capacity of Thai teachers in Thailand to undertake road safety training for theirs in schools with students, specifically in Phra Pradaeng District where the industrial district has resulted in high-density traffic in the during morning and evening during rush hours.

To view more photos from the event, please click here.

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