Effective helmet exchange displays parents’ commitment to quality helmets

July 27, 2014


10 April – 27 July—Binh Chanh District and District 12, Ho Chi Minh City

After learning of the importance of wearing not just a helmet, but a high quality helmet, 2,116 parents from Abbott Helmets for Families project schools participated in a helmet exchange.

Following this success, AIP Foundation worked with the Ho Chi Minh Traffic Safety Committee and the People’s Committees of Binh Chanh District and District 12 to further the exchange of helmets in the surrounding communities. In total, 1,351 “eggshell” helmets in Binh Chanh District and 819 from District 12 were exchanged for much needed high-quality helmets. In a powerful display of helmet quality support—and one that excites students—all of the sub-standard helmets were destroyed on project schools’ premises.

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