Danish Ambassador rides from Bangkok to Phnom Penh to raise money for child helmets

February 17, 2012

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February 17, 2011 – Phnom Penh

Motorcyclists including Danish Ambassador to Cambodia Mikael Hemniti Winther arrived in Phnom Penh after driving from Bangkok in the Go4 Charity Ride. This trip raised funds for a 10 month school-based road safety program called Helmets for Kids which is being run by the non-profit AIP Foundation. A launching ceremony will congratulate the bikers and kick-off the school program.

The Go4 Charity Ride is an example of how successful a partnership between private sector firms, individuals, and non-profit organizations can be. The government of Cambodia also endorsed child helmet use by joining representatives from these groups at the Helmets for Kids launching event held at the Cambodiana Hotel.

Located along dangerous National Road 2, the students of Prey Sandek School risk their lives daily to get to school. Thanks to the support of Go4 Charity Ride organizers and participants, 484 primary school students and 31 teachers and staff members will receive donated helmets free of cost, and be taught valuable road safety lessons by AIP Foundation staff.

“These projects, conducted throughout the school year, will keep students engaged and excited,” explained the principle of Prey Sandek School. “By teaching adults and children about the consequences of neglecting to wear a helmet on the road, all of us are truly impacting the rest of their lives, and in fact, this entire generation, one school at a time.”

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