Communes in Kampong Speu and Kandal Provinces finalize plans to promote helmet use

December 26, 2014

AIP Foundation assist communes finalize commune activities and budget plans for 2015-2016 regarding the promotion of helmet use.
AIP Foundation assists communes in finalizing commune activity and budget plans for 2015-2016.

From 17 to 26 December, AIP Foundation assisted 11 target communes and sangkat subdivisions in Kamong Speu and Kandal Provinces to finalize their commune activity and budget plans for 2015-2016, with the support of USAID-Development Innovation Ventures. The commune plans have goals to promote helmet-wearing awareness among passengers, including children. This included 3 communes in Samrong Torng District, (Vor Sar, Trapaing Korng, and Rolaing Kreul), 3 sangkat in Chbar Morn (Sopor Tep, Kandol Dom, and Roka Thom) of Kampong Speu Province, 3 communes in Kien Svay (Banteay Dek, Dei Eth, and Korki Thom), and 2 sangkat in Takhmao (Deum Mean and Preak Russie) of Kandal Province.

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