Cho Ray Hospital and AIP Foundation sign an MoU to work together until 2014

March 14, 2012


On March 14th, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between AIP Foundation and Cho Ray Hospital, the largest general hospital in Vietnam. Present at the signing were : Dr. Nguyen Truong Son and Dr. Nguyen Van Khoi, Director and Vice Director of the hospital, as well as Dr. Duong Minh Man, head of the Brain Injury Department, Dr. Nguyen Phong, head of the Neurosurgery Department, and representatives from the Public Relations Department and Administration and Equipment Departments.

After remarks summarizing the work Cho Ray Hospital does for road traffic victims every day, and the way in which they have been involved in prevention work in the past, an MoU was signed. The contract ensures that AIP Foundation and Cho Ray will collaborate on the child helmet public awareness campaign that will last until December 2014. Specifically, AIP Foundation agreed to provide Cho Ray with telecommunication equipments in their Head Injury Departments. Cho Ray will in turn use these to air videos alerting patients and families to the dangers of the road and the importance of helmet wearing. Videos from our previous and current campaigns, as well as new informational videos based on research and statistics on helmet use will be effective communication tools to raise awareness about Cho Ray Hospital’s patients and their families.

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