Children in Thailand protected on the roads – despite flooding!

January 6, 2021

SONGKHLA, Thailand–January 4 – 6, 2021

A ‘safe systems’ approach to road safety requires direct interventions to address a range of different challenges to keep road users safe. Direct interventions can include providing essential safety equipment, road safety education, working with government and community partners and road infrastructure modifications. The Street Wise program, supported by Chevron, works to provide this holistic approach in Songkhla province in southern Thailand.

Although the ongoing pandemic and the monsoon season have created difficulties, AIP Foundation was able to navigate flooded roads to reach 11 project schools in Singhanakhon and Muang districts in Songkhla. Students and teachers received 300 high-quality, fitted helmets that would help keep them safe on the road.

The Street Wise program worked in collaboration with the Songkhla Rural Road Office to install road infrastructure modifications at Wat Ta Luang Kong School and Wat Lo Ka School in Singhanakhon district. These road infrastructure modifications created safe school zones in front of each of the schools.

The safe school zones were developed based on the specific traffic and road safety challenges at each of the schools as identified by community stakeholders, including project school representatives and local road safety government organizations. The modifications include clearly marked pedestrian zones, road markings to alert drivers to the presence of the schools and a reduction in the speed limit to 30km/h, which is in line with international best practice for school zones.

View photos of the school zone modifications and the helmet distribution here.

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