Chevron and AIP Foundation donate 900 helmets to high school students in Phnom Penh through ‘Helmets for Youth’

December 24, 2013


On December 24th and 30th, Chevron and AIP Foundation hosted helmet kick-off ceremonies at two high schools in Phnom Penh, Cambodia as part of the Helmets for Youth program. A total of 900 helmets were donated to students and teachers at the events and 4,000 students received vital road safety education.

Hun Sen Bunrany Wat Phnom High School hosted the ceremony on December 24th that was chaired by a representative of the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports. The kick-off ceremony at Boeung Trabaek High School on December 30th was chaired by a representative of the National Police of Cambodia. Both events included student performances, remarks from sponsors and government representatives, road safety lessons and trivia games. This is the second year of Chevron’s collaboration on AIP Foundation Cambodia’s helmet awareness activities, and its first year as a sponsor of Helmets for Youth. 

The events were preceded by training sessions for 100 teachers from both schools on December 18th and 19th. During these sessions, teachers were given information how helmets can prevent serious injuries and best practices for encouraging safe road behaviors in the classroom. At the conclusion of the training, teachers showed their commitment to wearing a helmet at all times when on a motorcycle and signed a public statement indicating their support for the draft traffic law. The draft traffic law will mandate helmet wearing for motorcycle passengers including children and is currently under review by the Council of Ministers.

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