Celebrating the new milestones of the Bridgestone Global Road Safety Project in Thailand

February 17, 2023

CHON BURI, Thailand – February 17, 2023

AIP Foundation, with support from Thai Bridgestone Co., Ltd., and in collaboration with local partners, handed over the new road modifications for an improved school safety zone as part of the activities for this year of the ‘Bridgestone Global Road Safety Project’ to Bansuanjanansorn school in Chon Buri province, Thailand.

Creating a safer school for all students
The Bansuanjanansorn school is located on a major city road, plagued with heavy and dangerous traffic. Before the road modification interventions, the school had received a 2-star rating based on the Star Ratings for School system. In addition, before our implementation, the legal speed limit was 80km/h. To address this issue and prevent death and injuries of students, teachers, and parents, we have worked with local partners to improve traffic safety in and around the school area.

“Today is a special occasion as we gather with Bridgestone Thailand and our government partners to inaugurate the completed road safety modifications and hand it over to the school. Small steps lead to big changes, and today, we can see a monumental change safeguarding the school community at Bansuanjanansorn school. Throughout the two program years, our partnership has provided life-saving services to educate, empower, improve, and sustain road safety among four communities in Thailand,” shares Ratana H. Winther, AIP Foundation Thailand Chairperson.

The road modifications include the installation of 30 km/h speed limit signs, traffic calming zone markings, speed bumps (for speed reduction), renewed lane markings, improvements of the sidewalk, and a student drop-off zone, as well as the installation of a U-turn sign. These infrastructure modifications, combined with enforcement of the new speed limit of 30km/h contribute to our work towards achieving the target of reducing at least 50% of road injuries and fatalities by 2030 as part of the Second Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021 -2030. These are also aligned with Thailand’s road safety strategy and goals. It also means ensuring that all students have safe and equal access to education and cultivating safety in the community.

Bridgestone’s Youth Champions for Road Safety leading us toward a safer tomorrow
The program saw 8 of Bridgestone’s Youth Champions graduate successfully after attending training in Bangkok, enabling them to cultivate leadership and road safety awareness among students. An estimated 10,000 people have participated in the program.
The aim of this part of the program is to improve the road safety skills and knowledge of young students between 13-15 years old. Overall, the program is inherently aligned with the Global Plan and Thailand’s National road safety plan. The students are now better prepared to be safer and smarter road users, a next-generation ready to empower their community.

“Bridgestone is proud to be a global leader in sustainable mobility offering advanced solutions for safe transport systems. We are delighted to partner with AIP Foundation to enact meaningful social change for students, parents and teachers. The road modifications at the project school today symbolize a safer transport system building a safer community for all,” shares Mr. Attapon Phraephrewngarm, Senior Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, from Thai Bridgestone.

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