Capacity-building workshop empowers local police on market surveillance to enforce quality helmet regulations in Northern Vietnam

November 11, 2022

THAI NGUYEN, Vietnam – November 11, 2022 

Building on the legacy of the 2007 national helmet law, we know that just wearing a helmet is not enough. A capacity-building workshop for police officers and regulators was hosted in Thai Nguyen city. This was following the launch event in October, announcing the intersectoral plan by the local and national government to improve the effectiveness of the helmet quality regulation.

The aim of the workshop was to increase knowledge and encourage a dialogue with Thai Nguyen provincial government stakeholders involving the enforcement of high-quality helmet use. The intersectoral plan serves as a basis for further solutions to enhance the effectiveness of enforcing laws requiring the use of helmets under the National Technical Regulations for riders of motorcycles, mopeds, and e-bikes nationwide to ensure that every road user is better protected on the streets.  

Working together for quality helmet regulations 

Although Vietnam is regarded as a success story in enforcing the mandatory helmet law for riders of motorcycles, with a relatively high wearing rate nationwide, the persisting issue of wearing low-quality helmets needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, there are many helmets used that do not meet the standard of the  National Technical Regulations on safety helmets

The National Traffic Safety Committee and the Thai Nguyen Provincial Traffic Safety Committee have collaborated with UPS Foundation through the Safety Delivered program to produce an Inter-sectoral Plan to enhance the efficacy of the implementation of mandatory regulations. 

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