Awareness campaign video hits 1 million views, Bangkok Governor commits to pilot safe speed zone

July 25, 2017

Bangkok Governor Auntie PIA AIP Foundation
Community leaders from AIP Foundation and partner organizations pose for a picture following their presentation of campaign findings to Suthon Anakul, Director of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) Traffic and Transport Department.

“Tell Auntie PIA” (“Fong Pa PIA”), our recently launched video PSA in Bangkok, has garnered 1 million views on Facebook since May. The campaign, which is part of the new Slow Down to Save Lives program, urges people to submit comments and images through social media of risky road behaviors that they see and dangerous traffic areas in the city.

During a recent meeting with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) Governor, AIP Foundation’s Thailand Chairperson Ratanawadee H. Winther and Country Manager Oratai Junsuwanaruk together with Legal Development Program (LDP) members, Pisith Wongthiathana and Pol. Maj. Gen. Pongson Kongtreekaew, and other partners used the campaign’s findings to advocate for establishing pilot safe speed zones in Bangkok. The partners presented the information, including a crowd-sourced list of high risk traffic areas in Bangkok, to the representative of the BMA Governor and members of the Metropolitan Police Bureau’s (MPB) Traffic Control Division.

Suthon Anakul, Director of the BMA Traffic and Transport Department, presided over the event on behalf of Bangkok’s Governor. Mr. Suthon said BMA officials will conduct a field study of the area around Yothinburana School in Bang Sue District to prepare for the pilot. They will put up traffic warning posters about the new 50 km/h speed limit and mark out traffic lines. Mr. Suthon told the group he was, “confident that within two months’ time we will be ready to announce our first pilot safe speed zone in Bangkok.”

The World Health Organization, ThaiRoads, Sidekick, the LDP, and other community leaders have been key supporters of the “Tell Auntie PIA” (“Fong Pa PIA”) campaign.

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