Annual Forum with Cambodia’s Road Safety Network on Commuting Safety for Cambodian Workers (CSCW) hosted by AIP Foundation

September 21, 2021

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia – September 21, 2021

Every day, around 700,000 factory workers in Cambodia put their lives at risk commuting to work on traffic-dense and dangerous roads in order to provide for their families. Cambodian workers make up almost 20% of all crash-related casualties, many of whom are women. As part of the Commuting Safety for Cambodian Workers (CSCW) program, funded by USAID and in partnership with Solidarity Centre, AIP Foundation hosted the virtual Annual Forum with Cambodia’s Road Safety Network. 

The event kicked off with introductory remarks by Mr. Pagna Kim, Cambodia Country Director of AIP Foundation and Co-Chairperson of Cambodia’s Road Safety Network, and William Conklin, Cambodia Country Director, Solidarity Center.  Leading road safety experts also shared pivotal information about the current situation of road crashes among Cambodian workers, governmental strategies, and measures, as well as initiatives and visions to address this issue. A parallel discussion session followed, focused on how stakeholders can be actively engaged to improve commuting safety for Cambodian workers.

Over 100 participants from civil society actors, private sector, trade union representatives, government institutions, development partners, and relevant stakeholders joined together to find practical life-saving solutions to the dangers faced by factory workers each day as they commute to and from work. 

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