AIP Foundation Thailand team presents safe mobility successes and progress at Chevron Partners Meeting

February 2, 2024

SONGKHLA, Province, Thailand – February 2, 2024

AIP Foundation has been working to promote safe, equitable, and sustainable mobility in Songkhla province, Thailand, for nine years with the Chevron Street Wise program. We are proud to work together with Chevron Thailand to reduce the number of road injuries and fatalities by 50% by 2030, as set out by the Second Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030.

In February, AIP Foundation, along with the other four key Chevron partners in Songkhla province, the Songkhla Heritage Trust, Path2health Foundation, Regional Observatory for Public – Songkhla, and the Prince of Songkhla University were invited to attend and present at the Chevron Partners meeting. During the meeting, AIP Foundation was proud to present our recent achievements as part of the program. Throughout its implementation in 2021 – 2023, the Chevron Street Wise program directly benefited 7,770 students, 504 teachers and thousands of people from nearby communities.

As the Chevron Street Wise program is entering its 10th year anniversary of implementation later this year, in Songkhla province, a series of videos will also be developed to highlight the project achievements, lessons learned, and best practices. This is a unique opportunity to celebrate the impactful partnership between Chevron and AIP Foundation in addressing road safety issues in the province, as well as the local government’s commitment to improving safe mobility for the community.

Safer mobility with the Chevron Street Wise program in Thailand

Chevron Thailand has partnered with AIP Foundation since 2014 to implement the Chevron Street Wise program to create a safer environment for road users – especially young children – through education, awareness-raising, as well as stakeholders and community engagement.

During the project’s implementation, more than 8000 students demonstrated improved road safety knowledge and skills, and approximately 1,500,000 parents, teachers, and community members benefited from road safety education and communication activities. At the core of this program, all activities engage our youth to be a part of the solution to empower their community to be safer road users, thus giving them access to safe mobility.

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