AIP Foundation team visits new Street Wise program schools

January 10, 2017

Street Wise 2016 Endline Results
Results from the Street Wise program as of the end of 2016 show a significant increase in students’ helmet wearing rates and pedestrian behaviors.

AIP Foundation staff visited five new Street Wise schools in preparation of launching phase 2 of the road safety program. All of the schools are located in the Singhanakhon District of Songkhla Province. The new schools are Wat Bo Phab School, Wat Thammakhod School, Wat Lo Kha School, Wat Sathit Chonlatan School, and Wat Ta Luang Khong School. The school principals and teachers will attend an upcoming collaborative workshop on 24 January.

Street Wise, a partnership with Chevron, launched in 2014. Recently published data shows that helmet wearing rates at program schools increased from 3% at baseline in 2014 to 38% in 2016.

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