AIP Foundation staff gear up for Phase III of Safety Delivered in Thailand

March 29, 2022

BANGKOK, Thailand – March 29, 2022

Following the successful expansion of the Safety Delivered program, supported by The UPS Foundation, our program staff is gearing up for the upcoming project activities in the capital city of Thailand.

Many of the students from the Bangkok Metropolitan region who participate in the program are from underrepresented communities. These children often lack access to safe and sustainable commutes. Helmets make a life-saving difference for vulnerable children on their way to and from school. These will be distributed to both primary and secondary school students at six beneficiary schools. Over 3000 quality helmets will be distributed as part of the Safety Delivered program in Thailand in 2022.

Throughout the month of March, our staff will be visiting the school sites and meeting with school and government officials to prepare for the program events later this year. Our team will also carry out the observations to assess the safety risks at each school. These observations are the first step to delivering life-saving interventions to empower the next generation of young road users across the country.

Pat*, a student in Grade 12 at one of the project schools shared, “my school is located on a highly congested community road. Therefore, there is a high risk of accidents. The Safety Delivered project helps to teach students and distribute helmets at my school which is so important to save lives. I am the Vice President of the Student Council with all of my fellow students, we will be good role models for wearing helmets and respecting traffic rules.”

Safety Delivered is a program implemented by AIP Foundation to work with primary school students and motorcyclists in high-risk areas in India, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam – by educating youth on safe driving skills as well as increasing helmet use among children.

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*Please note that the name of this student has been changed in accordance with AIP Foundation child protection laws.

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