AIP Foundation shares work on Vietnamese helmet law at FIA Annual General Assembly

December 7, 2018

AIP Foundation CEO Mirjam Sidik presenting at the FIA Annual General Assembly.

AIP Foundation and the Automobile Association of Vietnam (AAV) attended the FIA Annual General Assembly this year in Saint Petersburg with other Sport and Mobility FIA Member Clubs from around the world.

FIA President Jean Todt highlighted the growing collaboration between the two pillars of the Federation – Sport and Mobility – saying that the close links between the two arms are leading to progress across a number of key issues.

At the Assembly, AIP Foundation CEO Mirjam Sidik gave a presentation on “Head First: A Case study of Vietnam’s Motorcycle helmet campaign” and 10 years of the national helmet law in Vietnam. During the presentation, Mirjam also discussed advocating for the helmet law, the process of implementing it in Vietnam, and the estimated costs-savings resultant of the law over the past decade.

View more photos from the Assembly here.

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